Friday, 31 July 2015

6mm fantasy Martian Alliance army 1st go

This is a trial post. More will follow tomorrow. I have now completed my first elements of the three factions in a new 6mm fantasy army - I call it the Martian Alliance. These are the elements I have painted so far.

And here's a slightly better photograph. The whole collection is made of three factions; the surface dwellers, or technocrats, who use domes to grow stuff and protect themselves from the Martian radiation. They wear exo suits and never go to the surface without them. They use energy weapons (blue and white glowing types) and make the most use of technology. Most of these are onslaught miniatures from various factions, as it suited me, although the behemoth is a microworld dwarf golem and they use (non) daleks from irregular miniatures as hordes. (I think I have to say they are non-daleks, even though they look remarkably like them).
The second faction is the Olympians, who live in and around Olympus mons. They use some energy weapons and after massive exposure to radiation have changed the most. These are all Microworld demon miniatures.
The final faction came out of watching the pilot episode of big bang theory - so I call them crater dwellers - they remind me of the morlocks. They live in the craters of Mars, so have avoided some radiation, but have become wierd. They are all Microworld, from the wildlands alliance faction.

In general the photos will not stand up to close inspection, which is ok, as they are intended for mass effect in large HOTT games.

However, the above crater dweller hero (the only one with a stolen energy weapon) scrubs up nicely.

A variant hero looks even better. 

This is a warband base; the microworld silverback beserkers look fantastic in their wild poses.

The elephant men are among the strangest figures I ever saw, but they are just right for this Martian alliance.

The Crater hordes, with a silverback to urge them on.

The simian cohort makes a perfect crater blades unit.

Planet of the apes is definitely an inspiration for this faction. All I need is a damn dirty Charlton Heston figure.......

Rhinomen - that Martian radiation gets everywhere.

not enough light in this photo

Much better here.
So there goes one faction. The other two will follow shortly.


  1. Impressive - 6mm is not a scale I would have thought to use for fantasy.


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