Sunday, 2 March 2014

desert terrain and Sand People army

First up is the sheep farm for the desert terrain. which has become something of a tradition in my terrain boards. Irregular palm tree - looks splendid - I should have got more. irregular sheep and building and wall. Their scenery suff really cuts the mustard at this scale.

The obligatory desert oasis, also irregular, with its six exotic trees.

The desert stronghold - this board is designed for Hordes of the Things. All irregular again, except the cactus and the single wedding scatter peach coloured desert diamond.

Side view of the stronghold, with the bad going cactus forest and desert weird rock formations in the background.

The whole terrain board from above. The river was a necessity, with the usual water effect and this time, I decided to make the board favour the defence somewhat. To get to the stronghold, the attacker will have to cross either the river or the two areas of bad going, or both. The idea there is to encourage the use of the lurkers which I have made for this board. I do plan on adding a simple bridge, in the form of several wooden stir sticks from a fast food joint which shall remain nameless.

Not playing any role, but just because I like the look, here is the irregular miniatures bazaar, plus three tents. Love the camels and the drunk, with his barrel, plus the haggling traders.

The bazaar, with stronghold in the distance, river in the foreground.

The second area of bad going is the cactus forest, just beyond the dry stream bed, which, with its peach diamonds, is the first area of bad going. Get out those lurkers.

ok then, here come the lurkers. First, four water lurkers, which I will also use as sneakers, or nominate as other lurkers.

close up on those lurkers, hidng behind the desert flowers.

Ordinary lurkers, hiding behind the cacti in the dry stream bed, with its weird desert rock formations.

These rock formations were originally meant to be desert magic dust stroms, summoned up by the magicians. They actually look more like rock formations and when it came to making the board, these were clearly the way to go.

Two elements of warband; the greater stone men warriors. Brilliantly designed and exectued miniatures - all from Microworld.

The four desert behemoths - sand stone giants. ooking like four night club bouncers.

Two elements of knights - firmament worldshard wagons.

The desert cavalry. Four elements of desert riders. Mole men on giant moles. Comic and unusual, very fantasy stuff.

Three desert wizards. The one on the right has already fought a duel with a volcanic wizard and won.

The desert heroes. Each with his supporting bodyguard. Ready to take on whatever comes their way.

and again.

The pike phalanx. Twelve elements of spears, to form the spine of a formidable sand people force. They have the massed look of a forest of spears which is what you want at this scale.

The desert hordes - eighteen units of hordes. Sort of look like the desert coming alive. Each horde features a greater stone man to lead it.

The whole desert army on its home turf.

Slightly different angle.

Fromthe side and not so well lit. i wonder how this board and this army will play. They were designed to encourage the use of lurkers and spears and sneakers; none of which are, at the moment, popular choices. And that about wraps up this post and in all likelihood the current painting season. I still have the majority of the lizardmen to do and their swamp terrain board. I expect they will have to wait until the autumn, by which time Microworld will have brought out the new range of goblins, withspider riders. Those will almost certainly take the leading place in the painting queue.
Hope you like, see you again in th autumn.