Sunday, 24 November 2013

Here goes with my desert themed army, based on microworld's firmament army. I think they are magnificent - lovely miniatures - different and chunkier than previous ranges, but still easy to paint and full of character. I really went to town on the bases - perhaps too far. comments read with interest - I have lots more to paint.
first up the riders, well, knights really, as once painted and up on a base they look like heavy cavalry.I didn't think the moles would work when I first saw them, now I think they are just right for a straight forward charge.

my personal favourite- the sandstone giant. I just love the blocky, chiselled look of the miniature. It's intended as an earth giant, but looks just as well as a  sandstone creature. The sculptor here did a fantastic job of imparting character to the creature's face.

the aerial hero, raised up on a sandstorm, with his spear-wielding follower.

the hordes, composed of various mole and stoneman warrior types, led b a greater stoneman at the front.

the sand wizard, also raised up on a storm, able to control the desert with his warp stone magic.

Now then - a warp stone cart, drawn by moles. Is this knight, rider, or perhaps cleric (in HOTT terms)?

The spears, love the great chiselled warp stone spear heads, I bought a whole load of these - aiming to create a phalanx look eventually.

The weekend's work together, with the diamond wedding accessories I added to the bases for a fantasy spin.

closer up behemoth, with allies around him.

greater stonemen warband. I shall have to finish off the front of this base properly soon.

close up sand wizard

Hope you like - do comment. Next up the dark alliance / army of Hephaistia.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

So here goes on the new blog. Will show my new 6mm painting stuff and games, plus some of the old stuff, with better pictures from the new camera.
Here are the first batch of my lizardmen and centaurs
a long shot of four elements of noble armoured centaurs

a closer view of the nobles

centaur riders, a mixture of spars and bows

top down view, showing the effect of the meadow grass and trees. These centaurs belong to the woodland realm.

nobles and riders together

and again

a lizardmen hero, riding an allosaurus, with followers.

not happy with this one - the cloud, stained green, should have been left white - I'll replace it soon.

ankylosaurus ballistas - could use these as artillery or shooters

four elements of lizardmen hordes, painted up with a mix of warriors and bows, each base with a lizard ogre to goad them into battle.

another view of the lizardmen hordes. Sorry I overdid the green shade - was so excited at using it this time. Will correct for the next lot of lizardmen.

ceratopsid warriors - used as blades, very nice effect of the glaive thingys - like the elves in the prologue to fellowship of the ring.

lizardmen spears

triceratops battle wagons - these will be behemoths

side view of the behemoths

the lizard wizards

bonehead riders

and again.