Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Full army of Hephaistos and Hephaistia

I have now used the holidays to finish my second battleboard - the land of Hephaistia and the remaining army of Hephaistos troops, of which I had previously done a sample of each type. I also did a spur of the moment call on four elements of lurkers, specific to this board.
Here's the full battleboard, 3 feet by 2 feet

close up on the open sided volcano, helping to feed the lava river, with bridge and ruins.

here are two areas of bad going; one the dead forest, the other a lava field,sort of like the Campi Flegrei in Naples.

Distant view of the two big volcanoes in the distance.

A better view of the field, with the stronghold visible beneath the biggest volcano. The field is designed for HOTT, with bad going, river, stronghold and lots of nominally open areas, with some roads and other BUAs.

Having now the right terrain; here is the college of Hephaistian magicians. I plan on expanding this army, so I made a whole load of extra magicians and heroes.

Here are the extra heroes. They look like aerial heroes, but could be used as normal ones too.

Nine hordes, each led by a spare knight figure, intended as a hero from the microworld leaders pack of the dark alliance.

A closer view of a horde. These are fun to do, as they should look a bit different, allowing many different looks. I was going for the "Napoleonic" look here.

Three artillery elements

ogres - based and to be used as warband.

After painting up the first samples, I thought there needed to be some sort of badge on every unit, so added little shoulder colours to these ogres. The idea is that these units on their own turf should look camouflaged.

rise of the beasts. The dark alliance has these as ridden mounts. I prefer not to attach the optional riders. I will get more of these; they are awesome.

I intend to get a whole bunch more of these.

I love cavalry. These knights seem very Napoleonic to me and so I tried to give them that look when basing them.

notice here how the right hand element shows the over use of red glaze, corrected for a much more subtle use on all the reinforcements.

The riders are superb. The horses are outstanding.

Better angle?

Like a charging Napoleonic light cavalry regiment.

Shooters, lots of them.

The mass of the blades; six each of sword/axemen and halberdiers.

close up to the blades. Quite an imposing mass.

The lurkers. I am not sure if they work, or if they should be regular or water lurkers.

The army assembled in its terrain.


On the march, led by the four big ticket units.


the "big ticket" units. I need more of the dragons and behemoth/Gargantuans. I only ordered one of each, so as to discover which ones I liked. Imagine this army led by five more dragons.......

Send in the lurkers.....do they work like this?

The ogres make a dash for the bridge.


the cavalry attack together. Three types - beasts, riders and knights.

The mass of the infantry in the centre, minus the hordes.


the army from behind, looking towards the hordes on the extreme left.

Slightly different angle. Must say I am quite pleased by this paint job.
Next up terrain and troops for the firmament, as a desert army. Will take a while.

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  1. These are really amazing! I love the lava effect! I'm going to have to put in an order with Microworld soon.