Wednesday, 13 January 2016

6mm fantasy Martian Alliance project complete

As you may see above, I have at last finished the terrain board and the Olympian faction. Here they all are. This was by far my most ambitious and complicated project yet, but it looks splendid. Although not up to close inspection, the mass effect is right.

Closer up on the Crater dweller airboats, crater hordes, crater panzers and, to the right, Olympus mons and some of the Olympian flyers, with their big ticket beasts at bottom right.

Olympus mons and the Olympian dragons - best fantasy dragon ever, microworld - technocrats and tech city to the right.

technocrats and Olympians from above

Crater dweller heavy infantry to the left, Olympian cavalry to the right; better view of the crater panzers and their big ticket beasts.

The crater airboats - most complicated miniatures I ever did; Here you can see my idea that the air units use the energy rivers coming from Olympus mons.

The crater dwellers have the least technology, but there are lots of them and they are mean.

More of a focus on the Olympian cavalry; ram beasts to the fore and centaurs behind.

The Olympian big beasts, with cerberus hounds in advance.

centrepiece Olympus.

More of those airboats

crater people again


top down technocrats; notice the different surface of tech city and the more ordered feel of these chaps.

The whole shebang.

do you come here often?

daleks! exterminate! the technocrat hordes in their home city.

I love this perspective view; reminds me of massed Napoleonic cavalry.

which of course, the crater panzers are.

Another impressive angle. Can't wait to unleash this army.


  1. This is great. I love 6mm wargaming. Your bases are so cool. I like how they all tell an individual story. If you can pull that off you have done 6mm right!

    Your painting is a great quality.

    Is this really for Hordes of the Things? Do you guys play battle with more than 25 points a side? I thought this army was an epic armageddon force at first (the Tyranid look-a-likes fooled me).

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